Dong Thap - Direct TV bridge celebrates 130 years of Uncle Ho's birthday

02/01/2020 10/01/2021

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Celebrating the 130th anniversary of the birth of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19, 1890 - May 19, 2020), Youth Television (VTV6) - Vietnam Television and the People's Committee of Dong Province The Tower organizes the "Ho Chi Minh - Shining Vietnam's Will" TV Bridge Program at Dong Thap Bridge Point (01 out of 05 bridge points). For detailed information about this program, Dong Thap Portal has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuong - Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Reporter:  Could you tell us why Dong Thap was chosen to host the live broadcast of this important event?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuong - Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuong:  Dong Thap is one of 05 bridge points, together with Hanoi, Nghe An, Tuyen Quang and Ho Chi Minh City to carry out this important program, because this is the place where Deputy Director Nguyen Sinh Sac - dear President Ho Chi Minh's birth was chosen as a place to stop in the last years of his life to operate and propagate patriotism; At the same time, this place is also attached to two famous poems nationwide of poet Bao Dinh Giang:

“Thap Muoi is the most beautiful lotus flower

The most beautiful Vietnam is called Uncle Ho ”

Dong Thap also has the characteristics of the Southern water region, with lotus flowers, with the image of a sincere and generous farmer in the rice field, immense lotus fields, with Dong Thap Crane, with Association models. a farmer's shop, with the start-up movement of the young force learning and following Uncle Ho's example, the will of the Pink Lotus farmer's people was spread and instilled from the will of Uncle Ho.

With its own unique features, Dong Thap also represents the South, but when Uncle Ho was born, he was looking forward to once visiting Nguyen Sinh Sac's resting place but not yet done it.

During the period of resistance war to save the country, Dong Thap was awarded the title of Hero of the People's Armed Forces by the President. In the construction and development of the province, Dong Thap has pioneered the restructuring of the agricultural sector, attracting resources to invest in the agricultural sector; application of technology, science and technology in restructuring plants and animals associated with regional production links, production linkages with enterprises, creating value chains in production, improving operation quality of Cooperative.

Reporter:  The meaning of the event and the opportunity to promote the image of homeland and people of Dong Thap?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuong:  The program of Direct Television Bridge with the theme "Ho Chi Minh - Shining the Will of Vietnam" to affirm Uncle Ho's great contribution to the cause of national liberation, construction and protection. national defense; Thereby, it contributes to educating and promoting the patriotic tradition, the self-reliant will and resilience of the nation, consolidating the people's belief in the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

2020 is an important pivotal year, the year to organize the Party Congress at all levels towards the XIII Congress of the Party, the Video Bridge Program will create a cheerful and cheerful spirit for a large number of party members and the masses. people.

The program chooses the keyword "Will" to be the content throughout. This is the will of a Hero of national liberation and a World Cultural Celebrity - Ho Chi Minh. He has devoted his whole life to the cause of national liberation of the Vietnamese people, contributing to the common struggle of humanity for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress. With an iron will, he went through so many difficulties, obstacles and hardships from the years he went to find a way to save the country and in the whole cause of national liberation and reunification.

The will of Ho Chi Minh, the will of the Vietnamese Communists, is an immortal flame, recognized and honored by the whole world and become an indispensable quality of Vietnamese people in the new era.

All victories of the Vietnam Revolution since Uncle Ho until today are the result of the will of Ho Chi Minh - the will of the entire nation.

Through the content and form of the program, including: Documentary film, reportage, art repertoire, direct exchange with domestic and foreign scholars, witnesses, etc. will contribute to promoting and introducing about images of Dong Thap homeland, nature, culture and people.

Reporter:  What special content will there be in Dong Thap television bridge?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuong:  From May 3, 2020, the VTV6 delegation returned to Dong Thap to perform scenes at the Nguyen Sinh Sac Relic Site, to document documents and artifacts related to Uncle Ho, to shoot beautiful scenes. of Dong Thap, reporting, interviewing historical figures, typical farmers in Assembly halls etc.

At the same time, agencies, units and localities in the province implemented propaganda and organized a political activity to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Uncle Ho's birthday with the theme "Proud of the generation of Uncle Ho's generation". ”; organize the Youth Forum with the Party, commend the youth and young members and the typical model of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style in 2020; organizing exhibitions and exhibitions on Uncle Ho, about lotus, about tourism, and promoting Dong Thap image.

The provincial People's Committee agreed with VTV6 to implement at the Dong Thap bridge point at 19h45, May 18, 2020, the location at the Temple of Literature Square (Cao Lanh city); scale of about 500 delegates (including the mass of 200 people participating in the implementation of the cheering effect for the Program).

Perspective stage at the point of Dong Thap bridge

At the point of Dong Thap bridge, the opening is the Art Program performed by the Provincial Center for Art and Culture. Repertoire items praised Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac, Mr. Ho Ho and his hometown of Dong Thap, recreating the space of the Southern River region with lotus river, canoe, small house landscapes, wind nets catching fish, etc. .

Reporter:  This is a big, crowded activity, how is the prevention of Covid-19 disease carried out?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuong:  According to the plan, the provincial People's Committee has directed the Department of Health to arrange medical teams and emergency vehicles to directly take care of health for delegates to attend the Program and support and handle situations. about health during rehearsals, rehearsals and live TV nights.

The Department of Health directs the provincial Center for Disease Control to coordinate with Cao Lanh City Health Center to conduct a medical examination for the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic at the entry and exit points of Van Mieu Square; ensure food hygiene and safety at eating places in Cao Lanh city; take part in the arrangement of tables and chairs and seats for delegates to arrange spacing according to regulations on prevention and control of epidemics; All forces participating in the Program must wear masks (except singers, actors on stage).

Propagating on the mass media to encourage people to watch live television at home.

Reporter:  Sincerely thank you!

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