Dong Thap applies information technology in the field of tourism

09/01/2020 4561 0
The People's Committee of Dong Thap Province has just issued a Plan to implement the overall project of information technology application in the field of tourism in Dong Thap province in the period of 2019-2020, with orientation to 2025.

The objective is to develop a smart tourism ecosystem, support tourism businesses to connect with people and state management agencies in tourism activities; provide information on tourism products and services, potentials, opportunities, investment environment, development orientation, policies to encourage and support investment in tourism development, and provisions of relevant laws. relating to tourism activities.

Create an environment for creative startups and communities in line with the trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; improve the effectiveness of the state management of tourism in the province, contributing to promoting growth and improving the competitiveness of Dong Thap tourism in the coming time.

By 2020, the province will digitize data on tour guides, domestic and international travel businesses, tourist transport businesses, tourist accommodation establishments, catering and catering establishments and shopping centers. tourism services in the province; forming a digital information system on tourist zones, destinations, tourist service establishments and tourists; connecting between state management agencies in charge of tourism from provinces to districts, towns, cities and tourism businesses; develop applications on the mobile platform of Dong Thap tourism to provide information on events, festivals, accommodation, dining, shopping, tourist attractions ... to visitors and businesses. Travelers; improve the competitiveness index of the tourism industry on the need to seek digital information for Dong Thap tourism and the effectiveness of tourism promotion and tourism brand development ...

By 2025, complete the digital map of Dong Thap tourism; continue developing mobile applications to provide destination information, travel products and services, travel notes automatically translated into popular languages.

Developing synchronously the smart tourism ecosystem associated with the digitalized Vietnamese knowledge system and smart urban models; promote the application of artificial intelligence, virtual travel assistants and other advanced technologies to serve tourists, the community, businesses and state management agencies in tourism.

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