Not subjective, neglectful when welcoming tourists on the occasion of National Day 02/9

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The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has just issued documents directing the Department of Culture and Information of districts, towns, cities, tourism and travel businesses, monuments, tourist attractions. and tourist accommodation establishments in the province prepare conditions to serve tourists on the 75th anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (September 2, 1945 - September 2, 2020) and World Tourism September 27, 2020.

Accordingly, the Department of Culture and Information of districts, towns and cities directs, guides, checks and reminds tourist service establishments in the area to organize thoughtful tourism activities. with local branding and image. Strictly complying with regulations and measures on epidemic safety and prevention in accordance with the instructions of health authorities, food hygiene, environmental protection, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, and ensuring security and safety of assets and lives for tourists and people to visit, travel and pilgrimage in Dong Thap.

Tourists at Xeo Quit relic

Monuments, tourist attractions and tourist accommodation establishments not be subjective, neglect; continue to closely and flexibly implement measures to prevent and control diseases Covid-19 at the unit. Overcoming difficulties, making efforts to strictly implement the policy at the same time implementing the "dual goal" to both prevent epidemics, restore and develop socio-economic in new normal conditions according to the guiding spirit of Goverment. Strengthen environmental sanitation, conduct inspection and review all facilities, products and services to serve customers to promptly detect, repair or replace damaged equipment. old, deteriorated, internal signs and signs serving tourists; research and supplement entertainment activities, improve the quality of existing products and services to best serve customers, regularly inspect and supervise, take the main responsibility for food safety and hygiene.

Besides, preparing enough resources and security forces to meet the needs of tourists; promptly handle bad situations that occur. In particular, to attach importance to ensuring food security and safety, safety of lives and properties for tourists. Carry out the public price listing and the correct sale of the listed price, ensure quality and quantity, absolutely not to raise prices arbitrarily, manipulate, force customers, and trade frauds. Continue to implement the tourism stimulus program in Dong Thap province, encourage preferential policies for loyal customers, delegations, the elderly, students, people with disabilities, ...

For tourism and tour operators, strictly comply with the law provisions on travel service business. Fully equipped with items to ensure health and safety for visitors when visiting and traveling; ensure safety for tourists in the prevention of epidemics, transportation activities, use of tourist services. Encourage travel businesses to build and sell local tourism programs, organized tours for guests to go close to the residence to create a sense of peace of mind, safety, and stimulate demand for domestic and domestic tourism. .

Lam Tan Thuong

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