Opening the food court and stop at Tram Chim

14/01/2020 3662 1
In the C4 area of ​​Tram Chim National Park, Tam Nong District, Tram Chim Tourist Area, Dong Thap Investment and Tourism Promotion Promotion Center, Dong Thap province has just opened the culinary area and stops at Tram Chim. This area has 1 restaurant and 3 bars, which can serve 300 guests at the same time with typical dishes such as: sour fish flexible hotpot, crab hotpot, fish sauce, grilled hamster, grilled snakehead fish, chicken copper baked cajuput leaves, four seasons salad ...


Tram Chim's food court and stops contribute to the enrichment of tourism services

Tram Chim's food court and stops contribute to diversifying services in a professional manner and create favorable conditions for tourists and locals to enjoy delicious and typical dishes of the river area. Through that, promote and introduce Tram Chim tourism to domestic and foreign visitors.

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