Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Area is a typical tourist destination of the Mekong Delta

14/01/2020 4681 0
The Mekong Delta Tourism Association (Mekong Delta) has just issued Decision No. 23 / QD-HHDL on recognizing Phuong Nam - Dong Thap Cultural Tourism Area as a typical tourist destination of the Mekong Delta.

The decision stated that Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Zone is given priority to promote tourism brands on the Website, publications of the Mekong Delta Tourism Association and domestic and foreign promotion promotion activities.

Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Area is located in Long Hung A Commune, Lap Vo District, Dong Thap Province with an area of ​​about 5ha, with many works. In particular, the highlight is Nam Phuong Linh Tu temple, built according to the ancient wooden architecture - new wood with traditional Hue style house. The temple has 7 compartments, 2 wings, 3 hearts with lower roof and patio surrounding an area of ​​509m2 with 60 pillars (diameter of 0.45m or more). The system of doors, covers, bas reliefs, horizontal lines, couplets all use wooden furniture, which is carved very artfully and elaborately. Inside the temple, there are 21 bronze statues of the public who open the door and the spirit of 125 characters who have publicly discovered, preserved and glorified the southern region ... Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Area is the venue for many entertainment activities, experiences, culinary activities.

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