Recognize Hung Thy Happyland amusement and recreation park

14/01/2020 5070 0

The People's Committee of Dong Thap Province issued Decision No. 1597 / QD-UBND.HC on December 19, 2019, recognizing Happyland Hung Thy amusement park as a tourist attraction.


Hung Thy Happyland area with 14 exciting folk games .

Recreation area Happyland Hung Thy gardens in Sa Dec flower village, with a total area of 17,000 m 2 . With these functional areas: Area planted flowers, landscape, souvenir photograph service, an area of over 7,000m 2 ; Restaurant dining area, refreshments, special sales, souvenirs, area 1.255m 2 ; Play area to experience with 14 folk games (canoeing, swinging, tug of war, balancing biking, suspension bridge, stick, cycling balancing over gliding bridge, cable car, walking cross bowl, pannier, wheel bridge, rope across the river, monkey bridge, rope swing) and 04 practical experience games (fishing, trawling, catching frogs under the pond, catching snakeheads under the pond ) with an area of 3.500m 2 ...

Happyland Hung Thy amusement park is located on Hoa Sa Dec road (Sa Nhien - Cai Dao street) to ensure smooth traffic connection to the main roads of Sa Dec city and to visiting places. Other tourism in flower village as well as in Sa Dec city.

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