The "giant" raspberry flower bouquet in Sa Dec Flower Village attracts the curiosity of many visitors

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In Sa Dec flower village - Dong Thap province, in recent days, a bunch of "giant" raspberry chrysanthemums have been attracting the attention of many people.

Bouquet of "giant" raspberry chrysanthemums in Sa Dec flower village.

This huge bunch of raspberry chrysanthemums is on display at the Raspberries Food Tour, located on Sa Nhien-Cai Dao flower street, Tan Quy Dong ward, Sa Dec city. The bouquet is made of 1,200 bamboos and 300 kg of iron, the bouquet length is 10 meters, the bouquet diameter is 12.1 meters, the dome height is 5.6 meters, and is combined from 260 pots of raspberry chrysanthemum. The tail of the bouquet is also designed into a very eye-catching spring landscape, visitors can take pictures inside the bouquet. Because it is the first time it appears, in recent days, there are quite a few visitors coming here to admire this giant bouquet.

 Beer bike was first appeared in Sa Dec flower village.

In addition to the raspberry chrysanthemum bouquet, the raspberry chrysanthemum food attraction also prepared and launched the "Bike Beer" car that first appeared in the Sa Dec flower village. This car is 4.3 meters long, 1.7 meters wide, 2.1 meters high, designed for 8 passengers to ride, 1 staff to sit on the driver and 2 guests to sit in the back. The car is designed for guests to ride while eating and watching flowers while on the move. This bike does not have an engine, works thanks to the pedaling force of 8 people sitting on the car at a speed of 5-10km / h, so it requires high collective character suitable for many young people who like to exercise.

Currently, the entrance ticket price of this attraction is 50,000 VND, including sightseeing and playing games.

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