Trai nghiem sac mau van hoa dong thap

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Trai nghiem sac mau van hoa dong thap


Dong Thap - the homeland of the famous lotus fields, has entered the poem, the rice fields stretching across the horizon, where the annual floods create a "floating season". This is also a place where there are unique festivals bearing bold folklore in the cultural life of the countryside.

Go Thap Festival

Go Thap Festival is the largest and largest festival in Dong Thap, held twice a year in March and November of the lunar calendar. This is an annual festival to commemorate and honor the two national heroes who led insurgents against the French colonialists, Thien Ho Duong (Vo Duy Duong) and Doc Binh Kieu (Nguyen Tan Kieu). The festival also imbues the folk culture of the Southern people through rituals such as commemoration of Ba Chua Xu and the predecessors. Go Thap Festival is characterized by folklore and imprints of an open time, reflecting the earnest desires and aspirations of Dong Thap Muoi farmers. Visiting architectural monuments, praying, witnessing traditional cultural and cultural activities, this is an increasingly attractive place to attend the Go Thap Festival.


Commemoration ceremony of Deputy Director Nguyen Sinh Sac

Every year, on October 26 - 27 of the lunar calendar, Dong Thap people organize a solemn death anniversary of the death anniversary of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac. Since 2010, the 81st anniversary of Uncle Nam has been upgraded to a festival of traditional cultural, artistic, sports and culinary contests, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to visit the temple. visit. The festival expresses the respect of the people of Dong Thap in particular and of the Mekong Delta region in general to the patriotic grape - who had the merit of making and nourishing our country the hero of the people Ho Chi Minh ethnic group.


Sa Dec flower festival

Sa Dec flower festival is held again with the purpose of honoring flower growers. The festival is held spectacularly and vibrantly with special music performances that attract a lot of people to attend. In the festival, traditional folk games such as roller skating, street magic, street food competitions, folk music festivals, flower arrangement and fruit display contests, and language competitions are often held. Son Ca singing, art photo exhibition ... and many special art programs, cultural and sport activities attract a large number of people. In addition, coming to Sa Dec Flower Festival, visitors can admire the immense fields of flowers in the New Year season, visit the craft villages, famous tourist spots, Sa Dec powder village ...


Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Area

Located in Long Hung A commune, Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province, Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Zone is a complex of cultural - spiritual works, worshiping historical figures on the southern land, worshiping ancestors. Deng and the ancestors of the other lineages have discovered a new land. Unique and high aesthetic value of the architecture are the construction items built in the style of ancient house architecture - new wood with the traditional style of Hue traditional house, bearing the imprint of the Nguyen court, with improve the way houses are built in the South. The project complex includes: Nam Phuong Linh Tu, Dang ethnic temple, Dang clan museum, Southern Land Museum surrounded by a long corridor of more than 675m, with 240 columns (representing 5 continents). In addition, the Resort also has 4 lakes for growing plants and aquatic species (symbolizing the 4 seas), There are 63 pots of yellow apricot (representing 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam) and 54 species of ornamental flowers and trees (symbolizing for 54 ethnic groups). Up to now, Nam Phuong Linh has achieved three Vietnamese records: the first temple to worship famous people in the process of opening, preserving and honoring the southern land; the temple has many of the largest statues of famous historical figures in the South; has the largest single wooden chrysanthemum drum in Vietnam. In addition to organizing to serve visitors, sightseeing, offering incense to commemorate the ancestors, the tourist area also has tourism activities to: re-create water rice production activities, link with neighboring gardeners to serve. tourist needs, organizing folk games, playing folk songs, Southern cuisine, relaxing and selling specialty products, souvenirs.


Not only is the homeland of rice fields, gardens, rich villages ... Dong Thap is also home to many traditional craft villages. Currently, Dong Thap province has about 44 recognized handicraft villages. Many trade villages carry out the model associated with tourism development such as: mat weaving village in Dinh Yen, Dinh An, Lap Vo district; handicraft flower and flour making village in Sa Dec city; spring rolls making in Lai Vung district, Long Khanh weaving shawl village, Hong Ngu district ... The craft villages annually create jobs for thousands of laborers, contributing to the local economic development.


Weaving mat village - Dinh Yen mat market

Lap Vo district, Dong Thap province is not only known as the homeland of immense rice fields, rich gardens, but it is also the "cradle" of the traditional mat weaving industry everywhere. Dinh Yen mat weaving village was formed nearly 100 years ago, concentrated mainly in 2 communes of Dinh An and Dinh Yen. Through their skillful hands, every year, the households here produce millions of projection products with bright, smooth and durable patterns that are favored by the domestic and foreign markets. After making products, people sell them in Dinh Yen wholesale market. The unique feature of the mat market is that the market is held at night for about 2 hours, and the sellers go, stand, while the buyers sit. People who buy mats find a place to sit and a seller hugs or carries a mat on their shoulders to offer a discount. Here bustling young women up and down offering products of all kinds of colors and patterns. In addition, the market is also a gathering place for boats everywhere like Sa Dec, Vinh Long ... about selling pearls, strabismus, coloring for mat production, making the night market even more bustling.


A boat-making craft village in Long Hau commune, Lai Vung district

Having existed and developed for more than 100 years, in 2005, the craft village of Ba Dai - Long Hau boats (Lai Vung district) was recognized as a traditional trade village of the province. In April 2015, the craft village of Ba Dai's boats and boats was recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage. The person who is considered to be a boat-making and boat-making ancestor, Mrs. Dai is Pham Van Thuong, a good carpenter. The product that made his reputation was a canoe so he was also known as Mr. Sau. When he started to build boats and boats in Ba Dai canal, the products were mainly sold locally and nearby villages. Over time, the next generation followed the previous generation, mastering the know-how and combining the creativity and learning experiences of other craft villages, the craft of canoe and boat in Ba Dai canal. The village is famous for its beautiful and durable boats. People in the region hear the voice to find and place boats and boats more and more, the products of trade villages are also increasingly diverse, from the cue boats, Ba Dai boats, Can Tho boats, dinghy boats, Phung Hiep - Cai gong boats. Can Duoc teeth, boats from Long An, to the embankment of Rach Soi (Kien Giang). During the flourishing period of the craft village, the products of Ba Dai canoes and boats were widely consumed in provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta.


Sa Dec powder making profession

Sa Dec city of Dong Thap province is one of the major food hubs of the Mekong Delta region and is a locality famous for a rice flour making village that is over 100 years old. Despite experiencing many ups and downs, but with many favorable natural factors, over the past century, people here have created rice flour products with their own values, which are hard to match and contribute. part of preserving and promoting one of the region's most famous traditional villages. The profession of making flour in Sa Dec is most concentrated in Tan Phu Dong commune, later spread to Ward 2, Ward 3, Tan Quy Dong, Tan Khanh Dong, An Hoa, Tan Quy Tay ... Initially, with manual work Simply, many establishments do not have to hire workers but with the labor of family members. Rice, Glutinous rice is the main material purchased from mud-dipped farmers in the village or nearby places. Water source for making available flour is plentiful in Tien and Sa Dec rivers with fresh water all year round, not contaminated with acidity and acidity ... this factor has made Sa Dec powder village white, smooth and unrivaled. keep. Rice flour products here are divided into 2 categories: fresh and wet flour, directly supplied to factories, food processing facilities; Dry powder is used for storage and gradual processing. From rice flour, people can process dozens of very attractive and indispensable food items in daily life such as pho, noodles, noodles, cakes, instant products. smooth without any place. Rice flour products here are divided into 2 categories: fresh and wet flour, directly supplied to factories, food processing facilities; Dry powder is used for storage and gradual processing. From rice flour, people can process dozens of very attractive and indispensable food items in daily life such as pho, noodles, noodles, cakes, instant products. smooth without any place. Rice flour products here are divided into 2 categories: fresh and wet flour, directly supplied to factories, food processing facilities; Dry powder is used for storage and gradual processing. From rice flour, people can process dozens of very attractive and indispensable food items in daily life such as pho, noodles, noodles, cakes, instant products.


Sa Dec ornamental flower village

When talking about ornamental flowers, it is necessary to mention Tan Qui Dong flower village and artisans, Sa Dec city, Dong Thap province. The flower village here has been formed and developed for a long time, the flower-growing profession in Sa Dec is famous throughout the country, visitors coming here any month of the year feel like getting lost in the world of thousands of flowers. Filled in the charming aroma of dahlia, hydrangea, persimmon, orchids, French marigold, chrysanthemum, complacency pink ... scent and show off. In addition, this place is also the land of many rare and precious ornamental plants with a life expectancy of hundreds of years. Each posture and standing posture are imbued with Vietnamese culture and Eastern philosophy. There are very simple trees, close to the Vietnamese people such as star fruit, fig, si, yellow apricot, apricot blossom, perennial… through skillful hands and talents of artisans have become trees. ornamental, beautiful shape, every tree, every look,

Sa Dec shrimp cake making profession

Sa Giang shrimp chips are famous for a long time. These are round, golden-yellow round moon cake like the full moon in the Vietnamese countryside, with a strong aromatic, pungent and spicy flavor, which has contributed to enriching the culinary culture of the nation. Vietnam. Perhaps so that all over the country, on the tables, festivals, New Year, etc. the shrimp cake is always placed in the center position like a chrysanthemum next to other ethnic dishes .

Weaving handicraft village in Lai Vung district and Lap Vo district

Knitting industry was formed and developed in many places in Dong Thap province, but most in the southern districts of Song Tien such as Lai Vung, Lap Vo ... The craft was easy to learn, easy to do and needs. Serving social life is very diverse, the price is cheap and very suitable with rural income, so it has attracted a large number of rural workers to participate in production.


Lai Vung spring rolls making village

Nem making village in Lai Vung was formed and developed over 60 years, a long-standing traditional trade village in Dong Thap. Special rolls Lai Vung famous throughout the Southwest region, spring rolls are sweet, sour to eat very delicious and moderate. In addition, spring rolls are also processed into baked rolls served with noodles and herbs. If tourists come to Dong Thap, Lai Vung nem is the best choice to make gifts for relatives and family after the trip.

Weaving  village in Long Khanh A commune, Hong district

Lang Ta weaving village, Long Ta hamlet, Long Khanh A commune (Hong Ngu district, Dong Thap) was born in the early years of the 20th century. According to the elderly people, people used to grow mulberry silk to grow Cam cloth. Tu (Lanh My A fabric). At that time, people here only used crafts to perform the stages of sewing, sewing, spinning, weaving ... productivity and efficiency were not high. Therefore, some people spend some time learning about weaving scarves from An Giang province then bringing the designs and weaving methods to Long Khanh A commune to pass on to the descendants. Seeing that weaving techniques are easier to implement and the product consumes faster than Cam Tu cloth, the villagers from Cam Tu weaving village have changed to weaving career. To complete a shawl, it has to go through many stages such as: turning, cooking, coloring, drying, spinning, spinning, loom, weaving, Product packaging is quite meticulous. The main market for weaving nowadays is to export to Cambodia through un-quota and rural areas in the Mekong Delta to serve agricultural production.


Referring to Dong Thap, everyone must think of the great rice bowl of the country, the "pink lotus land" with immense lotus fields that few people know that Dong Thap is also a "Western culinary space" with dishes. Wild food is extremely unique and attractive.


The culinary essence from "Sen"

Dong Thap Muoi is a lowland area but it is suitable for plants that live in mud and rise from the water surface. On their desolate path, Dong Thap people are blessed with a lotus tree by their friends and they know how to take advantage of it from beauty to medicine and culinary use. The delicious dishes in this land are made from lotus: lotus seed rice, lotus root salad, grilled snakehead fish with young lotus, lotus stew chicken, lotus leaf tea, lotus heart tea, dried lotus seed, lotus wine, lotus tea, boiled lotus, roasted lotus with chili salt, ...

Flexible fish

"The water is still rising, the water is still standing, the fish are not worshiped, so the fish are called". Every year in the flooding season, this fish follows the upstream water to the Dong Thap countryside and gradually becomes a dish, an unforgettable specialty for the people here as well as tourists from all directions. Linh fish is easy to prepare: make sauce, grill, braised, fried, cook sour, ... any style is delicious. Young linh fish are baked, the sound of fat burning is sizzling, just need to look and feel the aroma from the fish to know the snake fish is attractive to infinity.

Dong Thap hotpot

The abundance and favor of nature have brought  Dong Thap Muoi region a lot of fish and shrimp ... The flooding season is considered the season of flexible fish, colorful fish ... People often bring these fishes as fish sauce to save. Made fish sauce can be processed into a variety of dishes that are typical hotpot sauce. Hotpot sauce impressed by the rich flavor and specific aroma from the sauce. Chopped fish sauce or flexible fish is cooked meat, boiled bones, wedges to taste. People also add a small amount of minced lemongrass, hot chili peppers into the pot of hot pot ... Fish sauce is the main flavor for the hotpot, but the ingredients for cooking indispensable sauce are eggplant, bacon, or fish, eel depending on Like, plus the green vegetables will make the hot pot of fish sauce with delicious taste and enrich the dish.


Gun stock

As a typical and popular folk dish in Dong Thap, you definitely have to try it once. Dong Thap tourism flood season season is not only the season of the classic cotton but also the water lily season. People here often choose white water lilies, small stalks and grow here, because these are the soft, delicious and sweet water lilies. As for fish sauce, they will take the kind of red sauce, filter the body and place in the pot to cook with coconut water, bacon, perch, snakehead and lemongrass chili. When the pot of boiling sauce, people will pick up a few times and then put out to eat hot with water lilies and some other raw vegetables.


Cao Lanh Pancake

Pancakes is a familiar dish of both Central and South, but in each locality, pancakes have different processing methods. The most prominent thing in the Southwestern region is Cao Lanh and Dong Thap pancakes. The type of bread made from rice flour, very thin in an aluminum pan, is burned on a wood stove, while the crunchy bread is folded in half. Siamese duck cake is considered as a characteristic of Cao Lanh. Duck cleaned, snakehead removed large bones, leaving small bones, minced whole. Instead of giving pork and shrimp fillets, Siamese duck pancakes use only duck meat with cassava roots and bean sprouts.


Cao Lanh field mouse turns

Remind the delicious specialties that cannot be missed when traveling to Dong Thap during flooding season, to definitely not miss Cao Lanh roasted mouse.
After each harvest, people in Cao Lanh began to hunt fat mice due to eating a lot of rice to process into many different dishes such as: fried, rolled, ragged, greased, boiled rice, fried Lemongrass chili wrapped with raw vegetables and rice paper, ... but the best and most famous is still roasted rat dish. When tasting ham ham with crispy skin, cooked meat is soft, fragrant and rich, and you will know why this is one of the famous Dong Thap specialties not to be missed.

Snakehead grilled snakehead fish sprout buds

Snakehead fish is a freshwater fish living in fields and rivers, so the meat is tough, very fragrant and sweet. Snakehead fish is often used to bake the pineapple is very fragrant, when used with young lotus buds, the taste is very delicious and strange mouth. Especially, this dish won a Gold Medal at the Fair "Achievement of 10 years of construction and development of the Mekong Delta" in 2012 held in Can Tho.

Chach fish hotpot cooks Hoa An plum

Hoa An fish hotpot with Hoa An plum is made from two main ingredients: Chach Hoa and Hoa An plum. Chạch is a river fish so meat is tough and sweet, rich in nutrients, and Hoa An plums have a sour, sweet taste with the characteristics of Hoa An - Dong Thap plums. 


Crab hot pot

As the name of the main ingredient that creates the flavor for the main dish is crab. The crab here has tough and sweet meat, has a lot of calcium, finished processing porous crab meat, very fragrant crab flavor, used to cook hot pot together with snakehead fish, river shrimp ... creating a hotpot flavor with a strong local flavor. .


Lotus seed rice

Lotus seeds are peeled, pistil, medium boiled. Broken rice boiled lotus seed water to cook just cooked into rice, then mixed boiled lotus seeds with rice, cover the pot again to take steam for about 5 - 10 minutes and then laid out a plate to eat like white rice. With this rice dish, one can enjoy the sweetness of the rice, the fleshiness of lotus seeds and promote the uses of lotus seeds to help cool the body. Sen is not only a characteristic of Dong Thap but also becomes a material for many specialty dishes of this land.

 Lotus leaf rice

Dragon blood rice gently wash a water and then cooked to just cooked. Lotus leaves, choose the leaves, big, clean, to face up the green leaves on top for freshly cooked rice, then wrap and turn the lotus leaf upside down to prevent the heat from escaping. With this dish, people enjoy the aroma and sweetness of dragon blood rice, the rice is brewed in lotus leaves so it is very warm and has the faint aroma of lotus leaves due to the heat of the rice wither.

Lotus salad

Young lotus root is washed and cut from 4 to 5cm after bunching mixed with sour vinegar, adding sugar, MSG, a little salt to taste. Large-sized ground shrimp, washed, steamed to medium size, peeled, then mixed with lotus root salad, add some roasted peanuts, finely chopped laksa leaves, dipped with garlic and chili sauce. The special feature of this dish is that it looks very crispy and sweet because it is an available material and has just been picked to be eaten immediately. Meanwhile, lotus root salad in other regions is not sweet and brittle because lotus is a plant that lives in the water, so when transported to other regions, it will wither.
When eating these specialties, Dong Thap people sip a few glasses of Hong Sen. This is a unique wine found only in Dong Thap, the wine is marinated with wings and lotus pistil for 6-8 months to serve, when enjoying one cannot forget the pungency of base wine, sometimes Lotus fragrance warms people's hearts.
In addition, ending the meal is dessert with coconut milk lotus tea that has a laxative effect to cool the body or boiled lotus seeds, roasted lotus seeds. In particular, you can enjoy lotus milk - a drink made from the milk of young lotus seeds combined with pure fresh milk, purified water and sugar. This drink is cooled before drinking, so it can be instant refresh and body cooling in the long run due to the laxative nature of young lotus seeds.


Linh linh hotpot hot pot

The period from August to the end of November is the floating season in Dong Thap and also the season of flexible fish proliferation, the blooming season of yellow flowers along the rivers. Linh flexible fish and dandelion are the specialties of Dong Thap floating season, local people often use them to process them into many attractive dishes, including the most attractive and most famous specialties in Dong Thap tourism. in flooding season, the hot pot is very famous.
According to the experience of delicious and cheap eating when traveling in Dong Thap in flooding season, the most delicious snapper is at the beginning of the floating season, because at this time the fish is not grown so the bones are soft, sweet meat, stomach. It's a little greasy so it's delicious and greasy. In particular, the first season cotton also fragrant, fleshy and brittle than other times. The combination of flexible fish and cotton will bring a delicious taste, refreshing and strange mouth that no hotpot you've ever eaten.
Eating with the famous delicacies that must be eaten once when traveling Dong Thap this floating season is fresh noodles, white rice, chili sauce and some other typical vegetables. In addition, do not forget to enjoy the special crab hotpot of Dong Thap.

SaDec noodles

Noodles are one of the famous and popular delicacies of the Central region. You may have eaten this dish in many places, but do not miss it when traveling Dong Thap during flooding season.
Sa Dec noodles are soft, not friable, not chewy, milky white. In particular, the broth is very fragrant, sweet but not too fat. Whenever the customer calls, the chef will put the noodles into the bowl, sprinkle with lean minced meat, spring rolls, gold, heart, liver, ... together with scallions and cilantro minced upwards and then pour the broth in.
Each piece of noodles is served with a plate of spring rolls, stir, raw vegetables, soy sauce, chilli horns, soaked in vinegar. When eating, diners mix all the ingredients and then slowly enjoy, will feel the wonderful taste of Sa Dec noodles. Also, do not ignore the unique dry noodles, strange mouth again.

Dishes from copper frogs

Floating season has brought Dong Thap a lot of delicious wild food, including delicious dishes from copper frogs such as: fried frog with butter, fried frog with coconut milk, grilled frog with lemongrass and frog porridge ...
Frogs in the flooding season in Dong Thap are very big, fat, thighs full of meat and firm. When processed into dishes often very fragrant, delicious and attractive. Therefore, copper frogs are always one of the typical and attractive rustic dishes, so try to eat once when traveling to Dong Thap during flooding season.


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