Gao Giong eco-tourism area is located in Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district, a typical land of Dong Thap Muoi ecosystem, water and soil are heavily contaminated with alum. By human labor, Gao Giong has become a protective forest - a green lung of Dong Thap Muoi area, creating a living land for many species of birds, fish and plants to multiply and flourish, with an area of ​​1,670ha , including 250ha of primeval forest with hollows, trails, reeds, lotus, water lilies, eggplant, dipper, ... and bird sanctuaries more than 36ha, diverse in species and especially rare and precious species are included. Red List.

Coming here, visitors will overwhelm the 36ha bird sanctuary with many birds flying over a corner of the sky. On the vast forest flats, dozens of waterbirds live and build their nests year-round: Red-spotted Cormorant, Cong Co, Le Le, Heron, Mallard, ... More than anything else, there is still a white stork with tens of thousands of birds. This cajuput forest is considered the largest stork garden nowadays in Dong Thap Muoi. In the flooding season, thousands of white stork fields flutter on verdant Cajuput candles creating a breathtaking view. And the lung sen is the place to gather thousands of red herds here to spit fresh energy. Occasionally raising the back of the neck accompanied by beautiful dances.

Come to Gao Giong, not only listen to birds singing in the trees, visitors also hear the sound of fish waving their tails in the water as the verses:

“Please come to my hometown

My hometown is both beautiful and beautiful

Under the river wading fish, in the sky birds fly "...

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