Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Area is a local tourist destination of Dong Thap tourism which was recognized by Dong Thap People's Committee on 11/4/2016. This is a construction started on October 30, 2009 on an area of ​​5 hectares, located in Long Hung A Commune, H. Lap Vo, Dong Thap Province, with a value of 300 billion including many items.

In particular, the highlight is Nam Phuong Linh Tu temple, a building built according to the old-style wooden architecture with the style of traditional Hue houses, bearing the imprint of the Nguyen court. The temple has 7 compartments, 2 wings, 3 hearts with lower roof and porch surrounding an area of ​​509 m2 with 60 pillars (diameter of 0.45 m or more). The system of doors, covers, bas reliefs, horizontal lines, couplets all use wooden furniture, which is carved very artfully and elaborately. More specifically, inside the temple there are 21 bronze statues of the people who have opened the time and the spirit of 125 characters who have publicly discovered, preserved and glorified the land of the South, including the characters. such as: Nguyen Hoang, Nguyen Anh - Gia Long, Nguyen Hue - Quang Trung, Nguyen Van Nhon, Tran Thuong Xuyen, Duong Ngan Dich, Mac Cuu, Pham Cong Tac, Huynh Phu So, ...

The authenticity and objectivity of history in selecting the characters was consulted by the historian Duong China, Vice President and General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences; chaired by journalist Nguyen Hanh, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Xua & Nay Magazine (Agency of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences), the Project Advisory Board consists of scientists and researchers in historical sciences prestige, through many workshops, seminars, and critics.

In addition to Nam Phuong Linh Tu, located in this project complex, there is the Dang Dang Temple, the Dang Clan Museum, the Southern Museum and the hallway surrounding the building with a total length of 675 m and 240 wooden pillars. (representing 5 continents), has 4 lakes for growing plants and aquatic species (representing 4 seas), has 63 pots of yellow apricot (representing 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam) and 54 ornamental flowers , green trees (symbolizing the 54 ethnic groups). In the overall work, there is a helipad, 2 car parks and a ceremony yard up to 3 ha.

Every year, Phuong Nam Cultural Tourism Zone organizes a traditional ceremony on the 8th to 9th of the 3rd of the third lunar month, in which the 8th of March commemorates the historical characters of Phuong Nam land, March 9 death anniversary of Adm. Dang Nhan Cam (ancestors of Dang Long Hung and Phuong Nam families).

In addition to organizing to serve visitors, sightseeing, offering incense to commemorate the ancestors here, there are tourist activities including: re-creating wet rice production activities, associating with neighboring gardeners to serve the needs. visiting tourists, organizing folk games, eating, relaxing and selling specialties and souvenirs.

This is a project built by businessman Dang Phuoc Thanh (currently Chairman of VINASUN CORP; is also the Honorary Chairman of the Council of Vietnamese Dang) and the tribe of Dang clan built merit to pay tribute and respect. honoring the dedication of historical figures for the prosperity and prosperity of the people and the people.