Bao Linh Hotel    

Khom 2, Tram Chim Town, Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province - 0944 141 417

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320,000 đ

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Conveniently located in Tram Tran Town Center - Tam Nong District - Dong Thap Province. Bao Linh Hotel offers modern and comfortable accommodations. When coming to Bao Linh hotel, you will enjoy comfortable moments with spacious and airy luxurious room, the hotel has spacious parking, security camera with automatic pccc system, yes. generator, visitors are assured when staying at the hotel, the hotel is located right at the town's night market, away from Tram Chim National Park tourist area 1km, Bao Linh hotel is an ideal hotel for travelers. Guests come to visit Melaleuca National Park tourist area. Here we have services such as accommodation, other fake cafe services, karaoke services. To stay at Bao Linh hotel, visitors can contact us via the phone number and the staff will welcome visitors to the best service, always creating comfort for travelers when staying at Bao Linh hotel. Surely visitors will be satisfied when stopping at our hotel.

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