The ancient house of Huynh Thuy Le is located at 225A Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 2, Sa Dec City, built by Mr. Huynh Cam Thuan (Mr. Huynh Thuy Le's father) in 1895 and restored in 1917. This house has an architectural style. Ornate architecture, unique, showing combined East and West architecture. Specifically, the traditional architecture is tall, cool inside, walls are built of very thick bricks from 30-40cm surrounding the wooden frame structure, increasing the bearing capacity. However, the shape is in the traditional Vietnamese style, the yin-yang tile roof, the two gables are curved in the shape of a boat in the style of the Northern temple temple in order to create a soft feature for the roof. The house has three compartments, this is the traditional type of Vietnamese people, the wooden doors are elaborately carved, decorated inside the Chinese style. The balcony, the citadel painted with gilded lacquer, carved like a Chinese pagoda, In the middle of the big frame, there is a double touch of Loan Phung showing "Loan Phung Hoa Minh, excellent grip and compromise" that means everlasting happiness. The frames on both sides of the tree show the abundance of the family. Especially, in the middle of the main house, there is Quan Cong worship, this is the traditional Chinese threshold; At the same time, it also shows strength and prosperity in life.

In addition to the unique architecture, this ancient house is also the residence of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le - the first lover of the female writer Marguerite Duras. This love later became a memoir for her to write the famous novel "Lover" in 1984. This work was adapted by the French director Jean-Jacques Annaud into the film "L'Amant" in 1992.